From double-coated adhesives to transfer adhesives on various materials, A.J. Rubber & Sponge Ltds. range of laminated products always maintain a consistent bond throughout. Custom gasket and seal lamination is critical for applications where surface adhesion is mandatory for function. Products that we commonly apply lamination (in the form of a pressure sensitive adhesive) to include:

  • Neoprene rubber custom gaskets
  • EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer rubber) custom gaskets
  • Silicone rubber custom gaskets
  • Microcellular urethane foam custom gaskets
  • Acoustic foam custom gaskets
  • Polyethylene foam custom gaskets
  • And more

As a value-added service to our custom gasket and seal manufacturing capabilities, A.J. Rubber & Sponge Ltd. offers the addition of a rubber or acrylic based adhesive backing to nearly any kind of custom gaskets and seals. We also have the capacity to completely custom laminate a very large variety of adhesives to your selected material. To discover how we can assist you with your laminating requirements, please contact A.J. Rubber & Sponge Ltd. today.

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